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Let me introduce you to me & to Craftbox.

My name is Faye Spagnuolo and I am the owner & designer of Craftbox (since 2004). My family is my life and my work is so much fun! All Craftbox designs are entirely created & handmade by me. I have always loved working with beautiful fabrics, gorgeous papers &  ribbons and just using different colours & textures to create beautiful things! I love creating and designing and I absolutely love LOVE. I am such a romantic! I love soppy movies, I love romantic books… and Yes! I even cry at Weddings!

I love Weddings, and I love designing for them. Meeting brides (& sometimes grooms) at the moment of pure excitement in their lives… It is the time where they are entrusting me to create their unique invitation which symbolises & captures the pure essence & the romance of their LOVE…  And I love the moment they receive their finished invites! The expression of sheer joy & admiration on their faces when they open up the box! It’s like Christmas morning for both me and them every time! That is an amazing and honoured feeling. 

Craftbox allows me to do something CREATIVE everyday and it allows me to express both my love of craft & design and my love of Love! That in itself is perfect for me.

I hope you enjoy browsing the Blog, the Website and the Facebook Page (links to these are on the right).

– Cheers, Faye x

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